T-Mobile myTouch3G Soon Approaching

Those waiting to jump into the Android waters until a second version hit stores will soon have their day.  While it’s gone through a long list of name changes on the way to market (Magic, Saphire), it seems that it will finally land on shelves as the myTouch3G.  Terrible name, great phone.  Check out the […]

Published on Jun 05, 2009.
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Juan Enriquez – 10 Point Remedy to America’s Pressing Financial Ills

This is one of my favorite slides from Juan Enriquez’s presentation, but it’s more of a statement about where we’ve been. The rest of his talk discusses how we got there and how propping up failing companys won’t help us find our way out. http://www.poptech.org/juanenriquez/

Published on Nov 13, 2008.
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